Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took this a few years ago in my backyard. :)

I must confess that blogging intimidates me. I am not a writer and I find it difficult to convey thoughts to people I can't see. However, I really want to blog about what I do and people I know and just fun things in general.

For starters, I am a soap maker and handmade soap has been my passion for over 8 years. In addition, I like to 'experiment' with other crafts. Right now that other craft is taking pictures. But nothing else has captured my creative ability like soap making. Yet! This leaves me to live through others and their handmade creativity and secretly wishing I had their talent!

I am a mother to a 20 year old son, a wife of 23 years and I live in Charleston, S.C. along with two fur kids, Lucy & Ringo.

Nothing could be finer!


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